Ecom Scholar – Ecom Store Intro

Ecom Scholar – Ecom Store Intro

Turn WordPress into Your Goldmine Today!

Your AliExpress Store | No Monthly Fees | Earn Direct to PayPal

Ecom Store Owners
Products Stocked

You don’t import anything.

We import everything for you.

Depending on the plan you choose we’ll stock between 50-500 products. Directly after payment you can choose which niche you’d like to target your store too. All you need to do is purchase your desired plan and an .88 cent domain!

Brand New 2019 SEO WordPress Plug-in that generates 100% unique long form articles sourced from Feedly. Truly human/bot readable content that will blast your site past your toughest competitors. This time next year your site will be an authority. The plug-in pumps out content 24/7/365. Traffic = Sales.

Your purchase is safe. We’ve been with PayPal for 15+ years. We’ve never had any problems with refunds. We offer 30 day refunds no questions asked. Over 850 clients with probably 20 refunds. We take great pride in building you the best store so that you can profit.

In a nutshell, all you’re doing is displaying images of products inside a WordPress theme designed to be a shopping mall. You don’t stock products. You don’t touch products. Only complete orders on behalf of your customers.

AliExpress ships for you.

Dropshipping is really just data entry you can do from your Phone/Tablet/Laptop, more importantly.. from home.

Each product gives you an option to increase the markup 10-99%. Example at 40%: Your store lists an AliExpress sourced ‘product’ for $14.00. Customer visits your store and buys a product for $14 plus shipping (AliExpress ships free worldwide so you’ve already earned a profit from the shipping fee).

You are the person that customer sent $14.00 to for the sale of that product. You are now responsible for going to AliExpress, purchasing the product using the funds that customer sent to you, only YOU purchase the product from AliExpress at a deep discounted price of between $6-$10.00. By way of simple arbitrage you pocketed between $4-$8 profit. The difference between what the customer sent you vs the cost of the product. In that little zone is where your earnings are created. Markup.

We run 12 AliExpress stores over the past 4 years. We have hard data. We know the numbers. We know your chance of winning, or losing. Whether it’s a 3 or 500 product store the first impression of your potential buyer is the make or break of a potential sale. You want your buyers to want you to win. Not just because you have the cheapest price in town. Buyers aren’t stupid.

40% is the sweet spot.

Ecom 2019/2020 is much more evolved from a psychological standpoint. Make your visitors feel comfortable and ready to dig while visiting your website. This is what we do at Ecom Scholar. We build to impress your buyers with extreme simplicity and web design perfection from mobile to desktop to HQ 55″ monitors.

Sky is the limit with our stores.

Free training included!

We’ve fine tuned our fleet for sweet success. Let us help you.

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Buy your .88 cent domain from!

Please set DNS to:

Propagation: 1-24 hours.

One year pro cpanel web hosting.


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Increase more than 500% of Email Subscribers!
Your Information will never be shared with any third party.
Enroll Free To Begin Learning!
Example: Your store sells a product for $20. You buy the product from AliExpress for $12. You just earned $8.00 to your PayPal.

AliExpress Products + Targeted Advertising = Daily Profits!
  • Our System is Simple - Anyone Can Earn.
  • You NEED an Ecom Store to Earn Profits.
  • We Build Your Foundation for Success.
  • No Monthly - No Hidden Costs to Earn.
  • Only Pay Us Once For Full Ecom Setup.
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