Best Financial Advisors for Buffalo, New York

Best Financial Advisors for Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York is an entirely unique city in New York state, and the economic center of the western area. A gateway into Canada and the Great Lakes, this hub is constantly brimming with activity and as such there are plenty of fortunes being made every year in the city. Yet those fortunate individuals (or those who have already found success) might find themselves in need of financial guidance. This is where a financial advisor can come in and set someone on the right path.

Here are our top five choices for financial advisory firms for Buffalo, New York:

1) Courier Capital

Founded in 1967, Courier Capital is our top choice for a firm in New York. They have an average-sized staff and manage over $1.68 billion in assets for their clients. Perhaps most notably, they are also one of the most accessible firms on this list, and the average person or family would be far more likely to find their assets at home in the hands of their advisors.

Much larger accounts will likely see a more fine-tuned and customized portfolio and set of advice. Otherwise, you will likely be working with pre-set (yet still well-researched) portfolio ratios.

Courier Capital is a fee-based firm that has no minimum asset requirements or annual fee totals, making it a very accessible choice.

You can expect the following working with Courier Capital:

  • A series of relationships with other service providers in order to make sure clients financial service needs are met, whatever they are. We also understand this may concern some who want a more independent firm.
  • Discussions and an onboarding process to see what options would be best for you
  • Personalized service and a high level of attention for high net worth clients.

2) Sanderson Wealth Management

Sanderson Wealth Management is our second choice for Buffalo, and they have $741 million in assets under management and a similar-sized staff to Courier. They will work with you to create an overall program of setup and review to ensure you are going in your intended financial direction. They offer an expanded array of the usual services, including retirement planning, major purchase advice, generational wealth planning, and more.

Sanderson Wealth Management believes heavily in maximizing wealth through proper portfolio allocation and diversification.

Sanderson Wealth Management is a fee-only firm that requires $500,000 to work with them as a client.

You can expect the following working with Sanderson Wealth Management:

  • A focus on holding strong values and maintaining their independence. They hold themselves to a high standard in order to provide completely objective advice.
  • Regular reviews of your portfolio and a proactive approach so no details are left behind.
  • The use of tools to help you keep a handle on portfolio performance, and a philosophy that lets you get as involved as you would like.

3) Hudson Advisor Services

Working almost entirely with individuals, Hudson Advisor Services is a more exclusive firm with $226 million in assets under management. They mostly focus on investment services but will provide other planning services and advice as needed or requested. They emphasize collaboration with their clients and regular portfolio reevaluations.

They are a more conservative firm when it comes to investing, and they are more likely to consider the realities of a company rather than its stock price.

Hudson Advisor Services is a fee-only firm that requires $1 million in investible assets.

You can expect the following working with Hudson Advisor Services:

  • A long-term and more conservative approach to investing.
  • A willingness to work with other professionals on your behalf as needed and a willingness to customize services to fit your needs.
  • A heavily collaborative process so that you will never be surprised.

4) Miller Gesko & Company

Miller Gesko & Company, with $144 million in assets under management, specializes in working with the affluent and as such is also somewhat exclusive. A smaller firm, they have been under the same ownership since 1969, and they work heavily with generational wealth concerns, standard investments and evaluations, and portfolio monitoring to minimize risk.

They don’t generally use set strategies and instead prefer to create a new and specific approach for every client and family that walks through their doors.

Miller Gesko & Company is a fee-based firm that requires a $1 million minimum investment.

You can expect the following working with Millar Gesko & Company:

  • A long-term relationship that will follow you and your family to ensure financial security.
  • Personal business management services offered as needed, should you require them and want some of those burdens lifted.
  • A customized and tailored approach to every client.

5) Winthrop Partners

Rounding out our list is Winthrop Partners, a firm that mostly works with non-high net worth individuals that has 114.8 million in assets under management. With firms in several other states, they have an expansive scope and they know how to work with a wide variety of clients, helping and consulting with them through every step of their process. They offer a wide variety of services in both the investment and financial planning spheres.

They prefer to focus on providing regular returns over the long term, carefully tailoring portfolios according to the clients’ general wishes.

Winthrop Partners is a fee-only firm that has no minimum requirements.

You can expect the following working with Winthrop Partners:

  • Investment choices tailored to you and your family’s personal needs.
  • A very collaborate and open approach to client relations.
  • Experience working with non-high net worth individuals.


Just because it isn’t New York City doesn’t mean that Buffalo can be economically ignored, and there are plenty of successful individuals that need financial guidance. We’re confident that one of the above five firms will be the choice for you, but we also understand that in most cases you should perform more research so that you can be certain of your final decision. We hope that you can find the exact help and partnership you need.

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