Best Financial Advisors for Greensboro

Best Financial Advisors for Greensboro

Named after the famous Revolutionary War general, Nathaniel Greene, Greensboro is a city that has a history as rich as its culture. However, it is not just the history and the culture that is rich in Greensboro. Many Greensboro citizens are taking advantage of its vibrant economy and finding wealth and success.

However, once found, wealth needs to be protected, and you need to find ways to grow it so that you can maintain it well into the future. This usually means working with a financial advisor, as most are too busy, or not experienced enough, to study the market and make investments in an effective way.

Because of this, which financial advisor you choose to work with will greatly affect your future success. It’s therefore crucial you do your homework and weigh all your options. But with so many choices, it can often be very difficult to know which firm is the best, which is why we’ve conducted this study. Using our rigorous standards as a measure, we have identified the five best financial advisor firms in Greensboro. Here are our choices as well as some more information about each.

Smith, Salley, and Associates LLC

Smith, Salley, and Associates LLC is the largest financial advisor on this list, and it is also the best. Founded in 2003, this firm has over $1.34 billion in assets under management and 12 financial advisors on staff. To open an account, you will need to be ready to invest at least $250,000, which makes this the most accessible firm on this list.

In terms of an investing strategy, advisors at Smith, Salley, and Associates LLC rely heavily on diversification and fundamental analysis. They evaluate stocks based on their overall merit, and they do not simply try to buy stocks at certain times in an attempt to time the market correctly, as this represents the type of short-term thinking that does not lead to long-term wealth.

You can expect the following working with Smith, Salley, and Associates:

  • Fee-based compensation structure
  • Investments that are in line with your risk tolerance and financial goals
  • Consistent monitoring of your portfolio to make sure that it is performing well

Stearns Financial Group

Founded in 1991 and with 13 advisors on staff, our second choice, Stearns Financial Group, currently has over $1.14 billion in assets under management. But if you would like to work with Stearns Financial Group, you will need to be ready to invest at least $1 million, which makes this firm one of the most exclusive on the list. It also means this firm is designed specifically for high-net-worth individuals, and it provides the level of service one would expect from this specialty.

When investing, this firm relies heavily on statistical research. It also focuses almost exclusively on long-term investing, meaning that once they create a financial plan, they usually stick to it for many years to come, trusting their vision. There is not a lot of portfolio tweaking or rebalancing that happens here. However, it does happen if it is deemed necessary or if your goals change.

You can expect the following working with Stearns Financial Group:

  • Fee-only compensation structure
  • Investing strategies that have proven to be successful over decades
  • A strong focus on long-term results rather than short term gains

Triad Financial Advisors, Inc.

With over $610 million in assets under management, Triad Financial Advisors, Inc. is another one of the great Greensboro financial advisory firms. But if you would like to work with Triad Financial Advisors, you will need to open an account that has at least $550,000 worth of investible assets in it. This high minimum means this firm is primarily intended to serve high-net-worth individuals and families, as well as organizations.

Because of its exclusive clientele, Triad Financial Advisors requires all of its advisors hold CFP certifications, meaning you will be trusting your money to the absolute best and brightest in the business.

When creating your financial plan, Triad’s advisors ask a series of questions to their prospective clients. For example, they may ask you if you would rather have many vacations or if you would rather be able to leave as large a legacy as possible for your children or grandchildren. They ask such specific questions because all of their plans are 100 percent tailored to your needs and wants.

You can expect the following working with Triad Financial Advisors:

  • Fee-only compensation structure which reduces conflicts of interest
  • All of the personal attention that goes along with a highly exclusive financial advisory firm
  • A thorough analysis of your financial goals and risk “capacity (what you’re willing to lose for a given investment)” in order to create ideal portfolios for you

Granville Capital, Inc

Our fourth choice for Greensboro, Granville Capital, Inc., has $488 million in assets under management. If you would like to open an account with this firm, you will need to have $1 million in investible assets to put towards it, making this yet another high-net-worth-specific firm.

For its investing strategy, Granville Capital is fond of investing client assets in private funds which are handled by an investment manager. The company also likes to invest in limited partnerships or other types of pooled investment vehicles as these minimize risk and provide solid long-term returns.

You can expect the following working with Granville Capital:

  • Fee-based compensation structure
  • Expertise with alternative investments
  • A strong focus on preservation of capital and reducing risk

Holderness Investments, CO

Holderness Investments, CO has roughly $264 million in assets under management, and it also has a $1 million minimum asset requirement, which means nearly all of Holderness’ client base is high-net-worth individuals and families.

Currently, the company has four financial advisors on its team, all of whom are highly skilled and experienced. For its investing strategy, Holderness relies heavily on the following asset types: mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, commercial paper, and certificates of deposit. The company also prefers to hold onto assets for at least two years. So, expect the bulk of your portfolio to be comprised of long-term investments.

You can expect the following working with Holderness Investments, CO:

  • Fee-based compensation structure
  • Five basic investing portfolio options: growth, equity, balanced, conservative, and fixed income
  • Strong focus on long-term investing and not on short-term gains


Working with the right financial advisors is absolutely critical for helping you reach your full financial potential. Fortunately, Greensboro, North Carolina has no shortage of top-notch financial advisory companies. You will most likely experience a high level of success working with any of these financial advisors. However, you should choose the one that you feel is right for you, so make sure to spend time weighing all the different options. We wish you the best of luck on your financial journey.

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