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The 11 Best Places to Buy Tires In 2019

The 11 Best Places to Buy Tires In 2019

Knowing the best place to buy tires can mean the difference between a safe, comfortable drive–or not.

As per this April 2009 tire report by the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

“Only a few psi difference from vehicle manufacturer’s recommended tire inflation pressure can affect a vehicle’s handling and stopping distance. Poor tire maintenance can increase incidences of blowouts and tread separations. Similarly, under inflation negatively affects fuel economy.”

The tires meet the surface of the road, and must navigate everything from fallen debris like twigs and sticks to weather hazards such as rain, ice, and snow. In short: it’s absolutely critical you have good tires on your car, and that those tires are maintained.

But a tire purchase is a serious investment, so when it is time to buy new tires, it pays to do your homework.

At the same time, buying new tires can be confusing and time consuming. There are almost as many tire stores and ways to buy tires as there are types of tires to purchase. That’s why we put this list together.

The Best Place to Buy Tires

That depends on the individual. Many tire buyers skip the search for bargains and gravitate towards familiar brands who have retail shops everywhere. Unfortunately, while there is a level of comfort and convenience that comes with choosing a familiar name brand, these auto service shops may not be able to offer the best prices for tires. Prices and service after the sale can vary from store to store and city to city. As a result, you can miss out on a great deal simply because you did not look past the familiar.


In addition, consumers often forget that once the tires have been purchased, you still have to pay for installation, and those costs can cancel out any money saved when purchasing new tires. It may surprise you to learn that you can actually find great tire deals online as well as at some of the big box stores like Sam’s Club and Costco.

Sam’s Club offers emergency roadside assistance with the purchase of new tires.

Due to volume, the box stores can often offer much lower tire prices than smaller venues. Plus, online retailers who also tend to have larger numbers of shoppers, have figured out how to partner with local tire installers to offer service after the sale. This can make online tire purchases both convenient and less expensive.

Sam’s Club

Most shoppers know that Costco and Sam’s Club offer great values on groceries, wine, and beer, but they are also able to offer deep discounts on tire brands. In some cases, Costco offers a discount as low as seventy dollars per individual tire.

When you consider that new tires can range in price from $120 to over $180 each for the best tires, a seventy dollar discount can make a big difference, especially when you are buying four tires. Costco also offers free inflation checks for the life of the tires and provides balance and rotation service as well. They also repair flats. You can shop for groceries while your new tires are being installed, making Costco a convenient and cost-effective option for new tire purchases.

Sam’s Club also offers deep discounts on tire sales. Even more impressive, Sam’s offers emergency roadside assistance with the purchase of new tires. However, in the end, because of the warranty and other benefits, Costco may be the best place to buy tires on this list.

Online Tire Retailers

Purchasing tires online is a recent concept and not one consumers often consider because of the service aspect. However, many online companies have partnered with local installers to make the process almost as easy as buying tires in person.

TireBuyer is an online retailer that offers installation of new tires through their partnership with over nine thousand dealers. Tirebuyer also offers a big variety of tires from which to choose and have worked to make returning tires a simple process. Delivery is free and tires often arrive the next day.

TireBuyer offers free installation at over 9000+ dealers.

They also offer guaranteed installation rates. Tire Rack is another online option to consider and is similar to Tirebuyer. They offer free shipping on purchases of fifty dollars or more, and tires usually arrive at your home or at your installer the next day.

Tire Rack

They work with over seven thousand independent installers, so it should be easy to find one near you. Tire Rack offers tires, wheels, parts and accessories that you can purchase by browsing online reviews or by simply looking for the best price for your tire size.

One negative is that both Tirebuyer and Tire Rack offer rebates to help keep tire prices down which means you may have to pay full price while waiting for your rebate check to arrive. Amazon offers the same great discounts on tires as on other items they sell, but you have to do a lot of research to find the best deal for you. Their inventory is huge, so you spend a lot of time scrolling through lists of tire makes, sizes and prices. Plus, their service partnerships with local dealers are not as strong as Tirebuyers and Tire Rack‘s.

TireBuyer and TireRack are tied as the best place to buy tires online. Both offer great services at great prices. Check them out.

Discount Tire Shops

The Tire Barn Warehouse claims to beat competitor’s quotes by fifty percent. They also strive to have locations near most major cities.


Tire Barn specializes in more than tire service. Each time you visit one of their locations, they offer a courtesy inspection of your car’s mechanical system as well as a check of your tires’ treads. They also provide a written estimate for any service requested. This is a nice bonus, and definitely puts them in the ‘best place to buy tires’ running. But Discount Tire Company is also an outstanding resource. More on them below.

Discount Tire Company

Discount Tire Company is another option for low tire prices. They are headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and serve a large part of California where they are known as America’s Tire. The company was founded in Michigan in 1960, so it has been around a long time. They have over one thousand stores in thirty-five states and sell primarily wheels and tires at discount prices. Their website is

Name-Brand Tire Retailers

While Goodyear Tire retailers may not always be able to meet the deep discounts offered at Sam’s Club or Costco, you can find one of their dealers just about anywhere.

They also offer basic automobile repairs in addition to tire and wheel sales and service. Founded in 1898, it is one of America’s oldest tire manufacturers.


Goodyear makes tires for cars, trucks, motorcycles, farm equipment and airplanes. In 2017, it was named one of the top four tire manufacturers in the world along with Bridgestone of Japan, France’s Michelin Tire Company and Germany’s Continental. Dunlop Tires are a subsidiary of Goodyear. Because of their longstanding reputation for quality, Goodyear certainly deserves a mention in the list of the best place to buy tires. But prices can be higher then other retailers.

However, the convenience is a plus for some consumers.

The Other Guys

Like Goodyear, B.F. Goodrich Tire dealerships and garages can be found in most towns and cities. If you order from their website,, your tires ship free and come with a limited warranty. From a price perspective, B.F. Goodrich may not be the best place to buy tires as their sale prices are generally tied to promotions. Consumers utilizing Goodrich dealers generally choose familiarity and convenience over price.

Cooper Tires

Cooper Tires is another older, established brand. Their website,, is uncomplicated and easy to use. They recommend searching for tires based on three things, size of the vehicle, weather conditions, mileage, and how much you will be driving it. Cooper promotes safety as their number one priority and offers a forty-five day drive test warranty with the purchase of new tires.

Les Schwab Tire Center

Les Schwab Tire Centers is another established tire dealer. Although their prices can be high, they periodically offer sales of as much as two hundred dollars off a full set of tires. Additionally, their warranty includes unlimited flat repairs to the original owners of Les Schwab tires, free replacement of damaged tires that qualify, and free air pressure checks for the life of the tires. Les Schwab has over four hundred fifty tire center locations.

Summary: Best Place To Buy Tires

If you are looking for a deep discount with local service, the box stores may be your best bet. If you prefer the ease of shopping online, you can find great deals at Amazon, Tire Rack and Tirebuyer. For those living in more rural areas, Goodyear or B.F. Goodrich may prove to be a better choice. Whichever method and retailer you choose, remember that tires are a crucial. Tires are often the overlooked part of vehicle safety and comfort. The safety of your family could rest with your tire choice.

If you can find a tire installer who offers free tire pressure checks, take advantage of that. The right tire pressure ensures good gas mileage, a comfortable ride and long wearing tires. Similarly, if you can find a dealer who offers tire rotations for the life of the tires, consider them. A good price on the cost of an individual tire is important, especially if you are buying four tires. However, service after the sale is equally as important.

Author information

Brian Roberts

Editor at CarefulCents

Featured in The Washington Post and published in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Business Insider, Time, Inc., CNBC and others.

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The 7 Best Ways For Selling Used DVDs

The 7 Best Ways For Selling Used DVDs

If you need to make money fast, selling used DVDs is a great way to start.

Selling products you have laying around the house is the easiest way to make money on the side. And used DVDs are one product almost all of us have a surplus of. So, wipe the dust off those classics and get ready to make some extra cash.

Selling Used DVDs To Make Extra Cash

Video streaming subscription revenues surpassed DVD sales in the U.S. for the first time in 2016, according to Statista. But, just because people are consuming content digitally doesn’t mean demand for DVD sales isn’t there. You just have to sell through the right channels to folks who still want them.

And this list includes the very places for you to sell used DVDs.

Yes, it’s still possible to sell used DVDs and used Blu-Rays from your DVD collection for top dollar. Whether you want to fund an upcoming trip or just pay a small bill, you can do it by selling DVDs. And here’s where to start…


This is a company that will purchase almost any used DVD (as long as they are still intact). There are still plenty of people who purchase used DVDs. And SecondSpin gives sellers many options for getting paid. You can choose to get store credit, a paper check, or get paid via Paypal. Whichever option works for you, SecondSpin wants to have your business.

Sell DVDs Online

The name of this store tells just part of who they are. Sell DVDs also purchase video game consoles and video games. They make it very easy. You can enter the USB barcode into the website and get a quote for how much they may purchase your media for.

However, there can’t be any scratches or other damage that may make it unusable. Sell DVDs Online does not buy old movies  that has been damaged in any way, so make sure you keep your media in good condition if you plan to resell it in the future.

One final note on this site is that they will not purchase brand new movies or games. There is no way for the website to tell if the game or movie has been stolen.

So, used games and movies only.


The king of online retail is a great option for selling your used media. A lot of sellers are surprised to learn that there is still a market for used DVDs on Amazon. But it’s true, and sellers make plenty of cash doing just that on Amazon.

The best way to do this is to list it through a third-party seller of some kind. You won’t get paid until the item has sold and shipped out to the buyer. However, you can count on a lot of people viewing your listing. Amazon has a massive audience, so it is a great place for maximum exposure.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook decided that it could not allow itself to be outdone by all of these online retailers that populate the Internet these days. They wanted to fight back with their own offerings in terms of a place to sell items. They decided that it would make sense to offer the Facebook Marketplace, where Facebook users can buy and sell things they no longer want.

You can almost think of Facebook Marketplace as a giant online yard sale that is constantly running at all hours of the day and night. The bargains that can be found on Facebook Marketplace are impressive, but so are the selling opportunities. Best of all, when you sell here you know that the odds are that you are going to be selling to someone in your local community. Someone from your area is going to have the opportunity to enjoy the media that you no longer need. You also avoid shipping costs with this method.


One other option that you should consider is the classic: eBay. They’ve been around for quite some time. Although not as popular as it once was, eBay still churns out millions of sold items every day. So don’t underestimate these old school sales channel. People are able to get rid of what they don’t want rather easily.

As you can tell, there are a variety of ways that a person may go about selling their old DVDs. These items are not as worthless as they may seem. The only way not to get any value out of them is to leave them sitting on your shelf collecting dust. Unacceptable. Especially if you could use that money to have fun this summer.

Make sure you price them properly and be patient. The buyers will come rolling in.

Used Bookstores

One of the absolute fastest ways to get cash in hand for your used DVDs is to sell them to a used bookstore. Many of these stores are now offering DVDs for sale. They know that by offering all types of media they can attract a larger audience. Many offer the option to receive either cash or trade-in credit to the store. Either way, you are getting a great deal.

Yard Sale

A good old fashioned yard sale can still get the job done.

People still like to travel to  yard sales because they like to pick over a variety of items.

And used DVDs are among the most popular sellers. But keep the prices realistic. A yard sale is an excellent way to meet your neighbors and learn more about your community. You may just discover that you have more in common with your neighbors than you ever realized.

Bonus: Sell Used DVDs at Pawn Shops

Have you been in a pawn shop lately? They are more popular than ever. People on a budget visit these shops to get some excellent deals. Pawn shops are always looking to purchase items that they can then turn around and sell.

Pawn Shops offer the option to pawn your items for a short-term loan. However, you can just sell the items to the pawn shop and take your money now, then leave with cash in hand that you can use for your summer vacation.

Author information

Brian Roberts

Editor at CarefulCents

Featured in The Washington Post and published in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Business Insider, Time, Inc., CNBC and others.

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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out In 2019

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out In 2019

Competition is fiercer than ever amongst potential job seekers, which begs the question: how do you make your resume stand out?

Being able to apply online has made life much easier for job seekers. But that sword has a double edge: it’s also increased the number of potential job seekers.

On average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes.

So, how do you catch the attention of the recruiter going through all of them? You need an edge.

And that’s what we’re going to outline in the sections below.

Use Powerful Language

The first and most important lesson is to use powerful language. Although competition is fierce, take solace in the fact that everyone describes their experience using the same words. So, herein lies your first advantage.

Recruiters take just six seconds to scan a resume, as per The Ladders

If your resume sounds like everyone else, add another second on for them to toss it into the trash. But, if you use resume power words, they’ll spend that extra second looking it over. Recruiters have become deaf and blind to words like ‘responsible’ or ‘led,’ so this is where your first advantage is.

Keywords such as ‘initiated,’ ‘improved,’ ‘increased,’ and ‘championed’ will catch attention. When using these power verbs, it  paints a clearer picture of your duties and how you produced results (hopefully). Led a profitable project?

Well, what specifically? Flesh it out using words ‘chaired,’ ‘planned,’ or ‘produced’. Saved the company in some way? What department did you ‘rehabilitate’ or ‘restructure,’ and how? Words are power. Use them.

Which leads too our next point…

Highlight Relevant Skills

When it comes to mentioning your past employment history, it’s critical you accentuate your problem-solving skills. And it’s not just about what you’ve done, but what skills helped you do it.

41% of recruiters want to skill sets listed first on resumes, according to CareerBuilder.

Showcasing how other people value your contributions has a stronger influence. So, combined with power words and explicit endorsements, lead off with your soft skills.

  • Listening
  • Leading
  • Negotiating
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • And more

When it comes to descriptions for accolades, make use of the keywords which imply recognition (‘recognized,’ ‘selected’ and ‘elected’). Don’t be afraid to leverage recommendations you have on LinkedIn either. As long as the recommenders don’t mind, which they shouldn’t if they’ve already given you a recommendation, simply copy and paste on your resume.

Quantify Your Successes

A great way  to make your resume stand out is to show accomplishments. This you know. But it’s statistics relating to profit margin, sales volume, savings on expenses, grants secured or other meaningful data that will really drive it home.

Back when I worked in sales, I kept track of numbers every week. Week over week they improved. One day, I was the top seller in the store and it was recognized by management. And I had the week over week percentage growth to show it, too. That’s resume gold. So, even if you’re not in sales, what metrics matter that you can keep track of?

One easy way is to figure out the baseline for the level of activity before you were employed. Then, calculate the difference. You can get ahold of the first set of numbers by asking management.

If they inquire as to why, tell them you want to make sure you’re improving things. They’ll be delighted to hand you over what ever information you need at that point, plus they’ll be ecstatic that you actually care in the first place!

If you managed anything or anyone, it’s also recommended you include figures to show the number of staff, budget or customers who fell under your service. The statistics go a long way in demonstrating your responsibility.

Numbers that back up your claims will get you callbacks. Period.

When writing your resume, it is advised to use a simple, understandable, and conservative font. You should avoid the use of extra italics. However, you can bold the numbers or percentages for them to be easily noticed.

Tailor Your Resume To The Job

From the first word of your resume to the last, make sure you tailor it to the job.

Whether that’s by highlighting the most pertinent skills relevant to the position, key accomplishments relevant to the role or a special qualification you have that would really pique their interest.

63% of recruiters want to see resumes tailored to the position, as per CareerBuilder.

No recruiter or HR department wants to see the same cookie cutter resume. Because it shows that you didn’t put much thought into the position. And if you didn’t put much thought into the resume for the role, how much thought would you put into the job itself?

List Core Competencies

It is essential to make use of the critical keyword phrases since most firms use the ATS (applicant tracking systems) in sorting and rating the scores during the job application process. The systems are programmed to discover and rank some related keywords.

40 percent of employers use an applicant tracking system (ATS), as per CIO.

Therefore, it’s crucial for you to use keywords throughout your resume and cover letter. It may be wise to use the core competencies section for this purpose, which states your initial qualifications.

What’s an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system, os ATS, is used in most cases to filter applicants based on a programmed criteria. The ATS criteria varies, and can filter applicants based on keywords, skills, former employers, years of experience, school, GPA or even credit score.

So, be sure to include a category for training, publications, certifications, and professional development. This should touch on your past leadership with other professional groups or any other presentations or publications. Just don’t make it too long.

Recruiters and HR professionals don’t want to read novels, they want to know if you’re right for a job or not.

Make that clear.

Leave Photos Off Your Resume

The data is unclear on this. However, from personal experience, I think it’s best to skip it simply because your experience and accomplishments should do the talking for you.

Not to mention it can introduce bias into the equation, and those forces could work against you (or for you). Whether it’s your age, race, gender, weight, personal style, or religion. Why introduce more variables that could potentially disqualify you?

That’s not the right kind of risk to be taking.

At a fundamental level, it’s unnecessary. Why? Because your face has nothing to do with your abilities, and your abilities should dictate whether you get the position or not. 

Don’t Use The Word ‘Resume’

Unlike the picture above, don’t use the word resume on your resume. It’s unprofessional to label “resume” at the top of the page. Because the recruiter will know the type of the document they are reading. Also, another tip: don’t save the document as ‘resume’. If you save it with your name the recruiter can easily identify you before going through the resume.

Exclude Personal Data

It is advised that you should not include any other personal information which goes beyond your email, address, and phone number. Therefore, you should not include your age, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, date of birth, or political affiliation with the name of your children or spouse. However, some of this information is critical to be included in a CV.

For security reasons, you should also leave off critical numbers, such as your social security number, credit card information, and driver’s license number.

Axe Irrelevant Experience

It is not recommended that you include every past job experience on your resume. Although you should include positions which you have held in the past 10 years. You can include job experience that you feel firmly showcases your qualifications.

Note: Surveys for money are a great way to make extra money on the side while job hunting. Or, consider our passive income ideas to supplement your income while working.

Therefore, you should leave out positions which are unrelated to the job. If you have limited job experience, you can also add irrelevant job experience. However it should show how it prepared you for the current post.

Also, it is rare for most companies to dig deep into your hobbies listed in your resume.However, if it is related it can be included on the resume. This will show your skill set or interest in a particular job. Other things to exclude include:

  • Statements regarding your health
  • Personal pronouns or acronyms
  • Lengthy or overly-wordy descriptions
  • Street addresses for employers and schools
  • Misleading information
  • Grammatical/spelling errors.

But there’s a caveat worth mentioning here. I’ve found that including certain hobbies–ones that could double as accomplishments–are worth mentioning.

Are you a jiu-jitsu black belt? Chess master? Mountain climber? Programmer? If you’ve accomplished something noteworthy in relationship to a hobby, include it.

Some may caution against. I think not. Why? Because these interests can indirectly highlight other critical skills, like self-discipline, analytical thinking, resilience, etc.

How Long Should My Resume Be?

The length of your resume is dependent on different factors. This relates to your level of experience and the level of education. In case you are an entry-level potential job seeker, a page is more than enough. For the example of experienced job seekers, you can opt for a longer resume.

Job seekers for top-level management positions or executives often have a long list of accolades, accomplishments, and experiences which is to be included. This also relates to job seekers in the field of sciences and academia, which require the inclusion of the patents, publications, or licenses. For this case, the resume can be three pages or even more in length.

However, for the case of middle-level applicants with 5-10 years of working experience, the resume can be at least two pages maximum. This gives you the chance to include all the related information and work history. In case of a field with technical skills requirements, you can add a page more. The additional page will cater to the experiences and technical skills.

When writing a resume that will stand out include all the information which makes you feel like the best-suited candidate for the job. Your choice of the resume format is dependent on your work history, experiences, and career level.

Author information

Brian Roberts

Editor at CarefulCents

Featured in The Washington Post and published in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Business Insider, Time, Inc., CNBC and others.

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